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Book Design

Books have always been my passion. Before I started designing, I was a manager at an independent bookstore. Now I design books for my own publishing company, Cary Tennis Books, and for major publishing houses, such as Simon & Schuster. I also design books for clients interested in self publishing. I’m honored that the first book I designed for Cary Tennis Books got a mention in design critic, Ellen Lupton’s, book on indie publishing. Below are links to samples of some of the things I’ve created:


Special Publications

In addition to designing books and magazines, I have also created a number of special interest publications and guides for Time Inc/Sunset Publishing Corporation, which consist of “bookazines”, travel and tourist guides.

Magazine Design

I designed magazines for Sunset publishing corporation, as well as other independent magazines before going out on my own. Over the years I’ve learned to be very flexible in my design style. I’ve learned to let the the photography speak for itself when I have beautiful photography at my disposal and I’ve learned to be very crafty with type and color when my artwork pickings are slim. I always aim to keep my designs both clean and striking.


I converted Cary Tennis’ advice books into ebooks, formatted for both the kindle, the iPad and iPhone, and as pdfs. I designed these to be both attractive and easy to read. Cary’s ebooks have sold well off of Amazon, iBooks, and our own WordPress-based website.



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